In the gallery starting Thursday, July 11!

Part of the official Circle Cinema Film Festival.

Please joins us for the opening of Tulsa native Shane Brown’s new photo series, Continuous Now on Thursday, July 11 5:00 – 8:00 pm. This series eschews the real, blending images of the same scene separated slightly by time and distance in a kaleidoscopic and psychedelic effect —leaving the viewer to think, “Cool. WTF am I looking at?”

Part of the Association of Kendall Whittier Arts 2nd Thursday Art Walk from 5-8pm.

About the Artist:

Shane Brown is a photographer and cinematographer. Shane’s documentary photo projects include In the Territories, focusing on the American state of Oklahoma, its convoluted histories and their present day manifestations, and Life Out There, exploring the new mythology of the American West.

Shane is currently making an experimental film based on the book of poetry, Document For An Anonymous Indian. Brown holds a MFA in Photography from the University of Oklahoma.