Circle Cinema Film Festival 2019

The Bob Dylan Center welcomes comedy legend Larry Charles to Tulsa for a special screening of his directorial debut Masked and Anonymous (2003). Part of the 2019 Circle Cinema Film Festival, the screening will be followed by a conversation between Charles and the author and poet Robert Polito.


About the Film

Larry Charles jumped straight into the deep end with his directorial debut Masked and Anonymous, a cinematic ”meta-fiction” starring Bob Dylan that’s part psychodrama, part meditation on the chaotic state of modern America. Confounding audiences and critics alike on its initial release, the film remains oddly prescient in its subversive depiction of a post-political society seeking refuge in the pablum of government conspiracies and false security of authoritarianism. Charles’ other film and television credits include Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Borat and Religulous. His most recent series, Larry Charles’ Dangerous World of Comedy, premiered in February on Netflix.

“Set in a contemporary America that suggests an endless skid row, which such Latin-American trimmings as an ongoing civil war and a dying dictator whose likeness hangs everywhere, this is at once a spin on Dylan’s mythology, an excuse to feature as many of his songs as possible, and an unblinking look at American greed, corruption, and self-absorption. For all of the film’s avant-garde narrative dislocations, the star-studded cast- including Jeff Bridges, Penelope Cruz, John Goodman, Jessica Lange, Luke Wilson, Angela Bassett, Val Kilmer, Mickey Rourke, and many others in cameos—keeps this film buzzing.” – Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader

About the Circle Cinema Film Festival

After debuting in 2018 as part of Circle Cinema’s 90th birthday celebration, the Circle Cinema Film Festival is back in 2019 with an exciting showcase of original storytelling through film, art, music and experiences. The festival brings a stellar lineup of diverse films and special guests to Tulsa, including some fresh from this year’s Sundance Film Festival and SXSW. Film programming, with an emphasis on Oklahoma-centric independent films and filmmakers, will include a mix of documentaries and features along with classic and silent films.