La Perla (1947) – Tuesday, July 9th at 7:00pm – Cine de Oro – Free Admission

In a fishing village in La Paz, Mexico, pearl fisherman Kino (Armendáriz) and his wife Juana (Marqués) are in anguish because their infant son Coyotito was stung by a scorpion. The nearest doctor, a foreigner, refuses to treat him without adequate payment and he is taken instead to a traditional healer (curandero). Later, the doctor and his brother (Wagner), a loan shark, meet Kino after he finds a valuable pearl and they decide to steal it from him.

Casa de la Cultura of Tulsa and The Mexican Consulate and Circle Cinema invites you to join us to watch some classic Mexican movies from the golden era of the Mexican film industry with Cine de Oro.