Join us at Circle Cinema on Thursday, November 14th at 7:00pm for a Closing Night Jewish Film Festival screening of the hilarious comedy “The Last Band In Lebanon” (Israel, 2016). This film is in Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles. All seats are $10 and on sale now. Tickets! 

About The Last Band In Lebanon: Three reservists wake up to discover that the Israeli army has left them behind. This upbeat, off-beat comedy takes place against the backdrop of the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon in May, 2000. The story follows three members of a military rock band, who get mixed up in a major drug smuggling scheme orchestrated by their corrupt commander, leaving them stranded in the “no man’s land” between Israel and Lebanon.

Caught between a gang of Hezbollah fighters and disgruntled members of the South Lebanon Army, the three soldiers must find a way to return to Israel alive without any combat experience and with a guitar as their only weapon.

About OKJFF: The Oklahoma Jewish Film Festival is a 5-day festival highlighting the best of Jewish Culture through new and classic films from Israel and around the world. This festival is a collaboration between Circle Cinema, The Jewish Federation of Tulsa, and The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art.