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Make Peace or Die

Marine Corps veteran Anthony Marquez returned from Afghanistan deeply wounded and riddled with survivor's guilt. His unit, 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, lost 17 men during their 2011 deployment to Sangin. Upon returning home, Anthony made it his mission to help the Gold Star families of the fallen find healing, and in doing so, attempt to heal himself.

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My goal as a filmmaker is to tell honest stories about real people. The lens that I do that through is with the transcendentals: goodness, truth, and beauty. Not everything can be uplifting, but it must never lose hope.


With that in mind, we approach this story of profound sadness and sacrifice with a mission of empathy. It is my wish that you can enjoy "Make Peace or Die," with that in mind.

Manny Marquez


Director's Biography

Manny grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and is of Mexican & Native American (Choctaw) decent. His parents were small business owners. Their dedication and work ethic, combined with his faith and ethnic background, are all elements Manny has brought to his filmmaking.

He studied film at the Art Center College of Design. It was here Manny deepened his love for cinema, and was convinced that every day people with a story to tell is where he needed to train his camera. Manny is known through his work as a director and cinematographer, but he also has formal training as a screenwriter.

After 23 years on the West Coast, Manny is back in Tulsa, OK with his wife and five children. He directs short-form documentaries for an array of clients ranging from pharmaceutical companies, financial firms, breweries, and beyond. Manny also directs broadcast commercials and music videos. One of his distinct pleasures in doing this work is when it aligns with his Catholic faith, for example, when he gets to work with Word on Fire. His feature film Psychopath was released in 2014, and his award winning short film Operation Allie was runner up at the 2018 Big Sky Documentary Festival, and selected for the the GI Film Festival San Diego. He is currently wrapping post production on his second feature documentary Make Peace or Die, and hopes to see it play festivals very soon.

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