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Frank Capra: Mr. America

Directed by

Sat 7/27: 7:30p







Art House Theater Day special screenings continue through the weekend! One night only, see a new documentary on one of America’s most iconic filmmakers. Then on Sunday, come back for an afternoon matinee screening of Capra’s “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” for the 85th anniversary!

FRANK CAPRA: MR AMERICA tells the story of Frank Capra, a young immigrant who rose through the ranks of early Hollywood to become one of the Great American storytellers and one of the most successful and influential film directors of his generation. His iconic films, including IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT, MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON, and IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, offered an inspiring vision of America where ideals win out, integrity triumphs, and ordinary people have their day. The documentary uses never-before-seen footage and audio tapes from Capra’s life to examine his career and relationship with America, offering a portrait of a complicated man whose tales of hope in difficult times still speak to audiences today.

Art House Theater Day is an annual program that brings audiences together to celebrate all that art house theaters – and independent film – contribute to our cultural landscape: ambitious and innovative art that provokes, challenges, entertains, and inspires. 2024 marks the fifth Art House Theater Day, which launched in 2016 in more than 150 cinemas across the country. In addition to programs like Art House Theater Day, AHC offers networking opportunities, resources, and best practices to independent exhibitors at large.

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