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Late Night with the Devil


Wed 3/27: 11:30a, 1:30p, 3:30p, 8:00p
Thu 3/28: 11:30a, 1:30p, 3:30p, 8:00p
Fri 3/29: 3:10p, 8:00p
Sat 3/30: 1:00p, 3:20p, 7:40p
Sun 3/31: 1:00p, 3:20p, 5:30p
Mon 4/1: 3:20p, 5:30p, 7:40p
Tue 4/2: 1:00p, 3:20p, 5:30p
Wed 4/3: 1:00p, 3:20p, 7:40p
Thu 4/4: 1:00p, 3:20p, 7:40p

31 October, 1977. Johnny Carson rival, Jack Delroy, is the host of ‘Night Owls’, a once hugely popular syndicated talk show. A year on from the tragic death of Jack’s wife, ratings have plummeted and sponsors are getting nervous. Desperate to turn his fortunes around, Jack pulls out all the stops for his annual Halloween special, booking a psychic, a professional skeptic, a parapsychologist and a young girl allegedly possessed by the devil… What could possibly go wrong?

Writer-director duo Colin and Cameron Cairnes craft a suspenseful narrative that unfolds mostly in real time, as the ‘Night Owls’ broadcast makes surprising turns from the amusing to the bizarre to the deliciously sinister. In his first major lead role, David Dastmalchian brings compelling charisma and gravitas to the character of Jack Delroy. At its core, LATE NIGHT WITH THE DEVIL is a tale about the cult of personality and the price of fame…with plenty of supernatural thrills along the way.







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