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Oscar Nominated Short Films


Live Action Shorts
Mon 3/20: 4:30p
Tue 3/21: 5:20p
Wed 3/22: 1:50p
Thu 3/23: 4:50p

Animated Shorts
Mon 3/20: 12:20p
Tue 3/21: 3:20p
Wed 3/22: 7:30p
Thu 3/23: 12:30p

Documentary Shorts
Mon 3/20: 7:00p
Tue 3/21: 12:10p
Wed 3/22: 4:10p
Thu 3/23: 7:10p

Notice: The Animated program features one adult-oriented title (My Year of Dicks). As in previous years, a title card that will appear just before this film, which will be the final film in the line-up. The card will stay on screen for 30 seconds so that patrons have time to leave the theater if they choose to.

Circle Cinema is the only place to see the best shorts of 2022 on the big screen. With all three categories offered, this is your annual chance to predict the winners and have the edge in your Oscar pool! An annual favorite for Circle Members and audiences around the world, don’t miss this year’s selection of shorts before the Academy Awards take place on Sun 3/12. More info on all the shorts is available at, with the lineup featuring:

Live Action
An Irish Goodbye (Ireland, 23min) - winner!
Ivalu (Denmark, 16min)
Le Pupile (Italy, 37min)
Night Ride (Norway, 15min)
The Red Suitcase (Luxembourg, 18min)

An Ostrich Told Me the World is Fake and I Think I Believe It (Australia, 11min)
Ice Merchants (Portugal, UK, France, 14min)
The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse (UK, 34min) - winner!
The Flying Sailor (Canada, 7min)
My Year of Dicks (USA, 25min)

Haulout (UK, 25min)
How Do You Measure a Year? (USA, 29min)
Stanger at the Gate (USA, 30min)
The Elephant Whisperers (India, 39min) - winner!
The Martha Mitchell Effect (USA, 39min)





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