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The Mark of Zorro - Silent Movie Day


Fri 9/29: 7:00p - tickets on sale now

Join us for a special presentation on Silent Movie Day! All tickets just $5 to see “The Mark of Zorro” with a live score played by Bill Rowland of the American Theatre Organ Society on Circle’s 1928 pipe organ. Plus, free Zorro mask with every ticket while supplies last! Tickets on sale now.

In the film, swashbuckling star Douglas Fairbanks portrays the legendary outlaw Zorro. When corrupt Governor Alvarado crushes the poor people of Spanish California under his iron heel, wealthy fop Don Diego Vega sheds his silks, dons a mask and cape and becomes the swordsman Zorro, defender of the people.

Silent Movie Day is an annual celebration of silent movies that anyone can take part in. We believe that silent film is a vital, beautiful, and often overlooked part of film history. The goal is to advocate for its presentation and preservation. This day provides an opportunity for academics, aficionados, programmers, archivists and enthusiasts to gather around their shared appreciation of this unique period in visual arts and culture. It is also a time to rally around silent film initiatives for preservation and access, as well as raise awareness of the small percentage of film that remains from this period of the motion picture industry. Learn more at




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