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We Grown Now


All showtimes marked with an asterisk* include open captions and all showtimes for "We Grown Now" will be in the Screening Room (Theater 4)
Wed 5/1: 12:50p, 5:30p, 7:30p
Thu 5/2: 12:30p, 2:50p, 5:00p
Fri 5/3: 1:30p*, 3:30p, 8:30p, 10:30p
Sat 5/4: 1:10p*, 3:20p, 5:30p, 7:40p, 9:50p
Sun 5/5: 1:10p*, 3:20p, 5:30p, 7:40p
Mon 5/6: 1:10p*, 3:20p, 5:30p, 7:40p
Tues 5/7: 1:10p*, 3:20p, 5:30p, 7:40p
Wed 5/8: 1:10p*, 3:20p, 5:30p, 7:40p
Thu 5/9: 3:30p*, 5:40p, 7:50p

Amplifying Black Voices - Circle Cinema is proud to bring films to Tulsa that feature predominantly Black cast or crew. Young actors Blake Cameron James (Malik) and Gian Knight Ramirez are receiving strong praise for their performances, and the film also features supporting roles from Lil Rel Howery, Ora Jones, and Jurnee Smollett.

Best Picture nominee at the Independent Spirit Awards, and director Minhail Baig won the Changemaker Award at the Toronto International Film Fest for the movie.

In 1992 Chicago, as Michael Jordan solidifies himself as a champion, a story of two young legends in their own right begins. As wide-eyed and imaginative best friends Malik and Eric traverse the city, looking to escape the mundaneness of school and the hardships of growing up in public housing, their unbreakable bond is challenged when tragedy shakes their community just as they are learning to fly.






1h 33min

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