2nd Saturday Silents: Harold Lloyd in The Kid Brother (1927) – FREE Virtual Screenings (CLICK HERE FOR FREE VIRTUAL SCREENING.)

The 2nd Sat Silent Series continues virtually in June. Join us HERE for a FREE screening of this 1927 silent comedy with an original score played by Bill Rowland on Circle’s restored 1928 theatre pipe organ. All that plus a Felix the Cat cartoon!

About The Kid Brother: Harold Lloyd, The milquetoast offspring of a rural community’s burly sheriff proves himself a man’s man when he defeats the thuggish villain threatening the town. Alternately touching and hilarious, The Kid Brother is among comedian Harold Lloyd’s best work and was the most popular film of 1927.

FUN FACT: Lloyd wanted the film to have more gags than any of his previous features, so around eight writers and gagmen worked on the script. The rural setting was a contrast to most of Lloyd’s urban films of the mid to late 1920s. It was filmed in then-rural Glendale, Burbank, and Altadena (near current-day Pasadena), and the derelict ship scenes were filmed at Catalina Island.