Billy Jack

Billy Jack (1971) 50th Anniversary Screening – Sat May 1, 2pm – Click here for tickets

With special video introduction from Bobby Dues of the 1491s. The 1491s are a sketch comedy group based in the wooded ghettos of Minnesota and buffalo grass of Oklahoma. They are a gaggle of Indians chock full of cynicism and splashed with a good dose of indigenous satire. Click here to watch their “Willy Jack” sketch.

Billy Jack (1971: Actor/auteur Tom Laughlin created the character of Billy Jack in the motorcycle flick The Born Losers. Wandering Christlike through the Southwest, Native American Vietnam veteran Billy Jack — soft-spoken, but well-versed in martial arts — champions the cause of a progressive school run by Jean Roberts (Delores Taylor, Laughlin’s real-life wife).

The bigoted white townsfolk don’t cotton to Jean’s minority-group students, so they do everything they can to humiliate and physically abuse the kids. When one of her charges is cruelly coated with white flour, Billy Jack goes berserk. Thus begins a flurry of self-righteous violence, culminating with our hero being hunted down on a murder charge.