Modern Textures by Henry Toro – exhibit opening Thu Nov 4, 6-8pm

On display Nov 4-Nov 30

Henry Toro is a native-born Venezuelan who moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA nearly 30 years ago to explore life in the United States, learn English, and study at Oral Roberts University. After completing his degree in International Business, Toro began working in telecommunications then banking/finance. Toro was a top performer in every role he worked though his passion and creativity were never at play. Seeing a need to practice his artistry and craftmanship Toro started Modern Textures in his garage with a hand-sander and some scrap cedar from repurposed cabinetry.

Toro says, “I have always had the entrepreneurial spirit in me and have always wanted to have my own business. Creating, drawing, and designing things have always been something that I have really enjoyed doing since I was a child, and my immense love for wood wall art resulted in Modern Textures, Inc.”