The Inaugural Greenwood Film Festival June 12-14 – Hosted by Greenwood Cultural Center and Circle Cinema.

After a year that brought an onslaught of fear and unrest, the need for restoration, connection, and community rebuilding is felt more now than at any other time. Out of the ashes came movements for liberation and a strong desire for connection with one another that has not been felt in a long time. Greenwood Film Festival (GFF) seeks to provide a safe space where individuals can enjoy themselves again in the film community that will showcase pioneers of today, by unearthing lessons from the past to inspire solidarity for our future. Greenwood Film Festival will not just commemorate the tragic events of 1921, but continue to build a strong and vibrant arts, culture, and film community in the Greenwood District. The Festival will give local filmmakers and others a platform to connect with their community, encourage identity, increase film making skills, ownership, and engage in hot topics in the Let’s Talk Panels.

For a full schedule, ticket packages, and tickets for events at the Greenwood Cultural Center, click here! 

Screenings at Circle Cinema:
Greenwood Shorts Program One Sun Jun 13, 5pm – Tickets here, $9.21 each

Run Little Boy: When Little Boy attempts to escape an ominous force chasing after him, he becomes trapped within a nightmarish world. The deeper he travels into this realm, the more he learns how it is systematically designed to destroy him. Running up against cruel and callous opponents, Little Boy must quickly develop the courage needed to survive. But can he really live in a world where the rules never work out in his favor?

Mickey Hardaway: A Young Sketch Artist visits a well renowned psychiatrist as his life begins sprawling out of control after years of Physical and Verbal Abuse has taken a toll on him.

Rematch: When life moves bring you to check mate, is it game over? Struggling single mom, Tonya, accidentally re-encounters her father, a chess master, who abandoned them when she was 14. Anger and resentment paralyze her but the memories of playing chess together commences the healing. Will this be enough?

Black Wall Street: An American Nightmare Sun Jun 13, 7pm & Mon Jun 14, 5:30pm – Tickets here, $19.21 each

Synopsis: It’s 1905, one year before O.W. Gurley would purchase the 40 acres of land that would become known as Black Wall Street. After a hard day of work, the exhausted Gurley takes a nap and is suddenly transported 115 years into the future to the year 2020. In this nightmare, Gurley sees the struggle his community is facing, and maybe, just maybe, he can change the future from the past. Not Rated (contains explicit language and scenes with violence some viewers may find disturbing), 45min

Issues of the Heart Mon Jun 14, 2pm – Tickets here, $9.21 each

Synopsis: A middle-aged wife strays away from her faith due to her frustration of not being able to have a baby, thus leading her to other temptations, causing her husband to be distrusting of her. Not Rated, 80min

Restoration: A Concert Film Mon Jun 14, 4pm – Tickets here, $9.21 each

Synopsis: A middle-aged wife strays away from her faith due to her frustration of not being able to have a baby, thus leading her to other temptations, causing her husband to be distrusting of her. Not Rated, 80min

Greenwood Shorts Program Two Mon Jun 14, 7:30pm – Tickets here, $9.21 each

Welcome To Tulsa (Directed by Trey Thaxton)

See You Next Time (Directed by Crystal Kayiza): a short documentary that captures the intimate moments between a Chinese nail tech and her Black client in a Brooklyn nail salon. It reaches across the nail salon table for a nuanced look into how two women of color see each other in a space unlike anything else in their worlds.

French Club (Directed by Corrine Joseph): Iman, a quirky teenage drama queen can`t get enough of two things: Everything French and Isaac, her biggest crush. In her peculiar manner, she`s been hiding in the library and anonymously exchanging notes with him for weeks. When his latest note asks to meet in person, she accepts despite her fear of rejection. Meanwhile, detestable Karen also has her eye on him. Their first meeting is far from what she expected.

CATHARSIS (Directed by Lawrence Watford): A Black woman in mourning confronts the ambitious District Attorney that refused to prosecute the NYPD officer responsible for her son`s death.

YOUR AMERICAN GIRL (Directed by Kayla Collymore): Following a young black woman into the past, “YOUR AMERICAN GIRL” explores the dark history of America and the effects of intergenerational trauma. This film travels through the alluring scenery of Texas balancing its gloom with the vibrant and transcendent qualities of African American vernacular dance.