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Circle Cinema Launches African American Advisory Council

Members of a new African American Advisory Council are helping Circle staff members select films, plan special events, and engage the black community through film. Members of the volunteer Advisory Council include Hank Byrd (Filmmaker, Screenwriter), Dr. Autumn Brown (OSU Faculty, Research Professional), Mylrell Miner (Filmmaker, Bromont Program Founder), Kavin Ross (Greenwood Tribune Chief Editor), & Jameelah Stuckey (Educational Equality Consultant, Black Vibe Tulsa Founder).

“Council members are providing guidance on presenting films of interest to diverse audiences, as well as how to approach, engage, and serve those audiences, with a special focus on the African American community,” said Brent Ortolani, Executive Director.

The Council’s first major project is the presentation of the “Black Love” series, which will feature five films that capture romance, love, and gender battles of Black Americans.

“Serving and portraying underrepresented audiences in an accurate and responsible manner is at the heart of our mission to ‘elevate community consciousness’ through film,” Ortolani said.

This team also will assist the Circle to reach out and engage diverse audiences, with a special focus on the African American experience in Tulsa and across the U.S. In addition to “Black Love,” the Circle also will screen several films during February – Black History Month. The Circle presents films for wider audiences in addition to underrepresented groups, including its popular Native Spotlight Series, which focuses on Native and Indigenous films and filmmakers, primarily from Oklahoma.


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