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The Monopoly Man is Coming to Tulsa - Help Circle Get in the Game!

The Monopoly man is coming to Tulsa, and Circle Cinema needs your help to pass go and collect $200 on our way to being part of the game! To help us get on the board, email your support for Circle Cinema to before March 30.

A special version of the classic game is coming soon, featuring a board full of famous Tulsa attractions, landmarks, businesses, and themed Community Chest and Chance cards. The makers of the game are looking for suggestions for locations to include, and we don’t think the game would be complete without a square for Circle Cinema, Tulsa’s only independent, nonprofit theater and the last of the classic movie houses still in operation.

The game will hit store shelves later this year in November, and being included would make an excellent end to our year-long 95th anniversary celebration. Your emails to the team will go a long way towards making that happen!

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