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WGA/SAG-AFTRA Strikes and Circle Cinema Programming

Circle Cinema respects the right of writers and actors to strike for better pay and working conditions, and we understand that this strike may have an impact on our programming. However, we are committed to providing our audiences with the best possible films, and we will continue to screen projects that were completed under previous WGA and SAG-AFTRA contracts or are independent productions.

We believe that the strike is a legitimate way for writers and actors to advocate for their rights. We support their efforts to improve pay and standards in the film industry. We hope that the strike will lead to positive changes, and believe that all workers deserve fair pay and safe working conditions. We understand that the strike is causing financial hardship for many writers and actors. We hope that the strike will be resolved soon, so that these individuals can return to work and earn a fair living.

We will continue to monitor the situation and make decisions about our programming based on the best interests of our community and artists. We appreciate the support of our audiences during this time as we strive to provide a quality movie-going experience, even if it means making some adjustments to our programming.

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