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Lifeline: Pearl Harbor's Unknown Hero


Thu 12/7: 2:00p & 6:00p

Presented FREE in commemoration of the 82nd anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Thank you for joining us in paying respects to all veterans and active service members.

Both screenings will feature a special video introduction by JoeAnn George Taylor, daughter of Joe George (hero featured in the film). Plus, there will be a special WWII memorabilia display featuring items donated by Oklahoma Veterans courtesy Keith Myers' Traveling Military Museum.

Narrated by Gary Sinise. Joe George is probably a name unfamiliar to almost every American, but on December 7, 1941, at Pearl Harbor, Joe George was every bit a hero in the opening moments of America’s violent entry into World War II. George, a crewman on the USS Vestal, which was moored alongside the USS Arizona on Battleship Row in the harbor, ignored orders from a superior officer and helped save the lives of 6 USS Arizona crewmen, the last Arizona sailors to get off the battleship alive. The film follows efforts by some of the men Joe George saved and his daughter JoeAnn to posthumously award the Medal of Honor to Joe George for his heroic and life-saving efforts on December 7, 1941 at Pearl Harbor.




Not Rated



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