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Ameka and Her Magical Crown VIP


**SOLD OUT** All VIP packages have sold out in advance, but you can still get general admission tickets to enjoy the fun lobby activities and film screening! Click back to coming soon for those tickets.

Unlock the magic with our exclusive “Ameka and Her Magical Crown” VIP package! Only 20 are available and for just $30 you’ll get admission to the reception at 4:00p and film at 5:00p, plus a whimsical basket filled with treasures including an “Ameka and Her Magical Crown” Coloring Book of Affirmations, Neon and Skin Tone Crayons, Pop it Notepad, Uno Go! Playing Cards, Whoopee Cushion, and sweet candy treats. For general admission tickets to the reception and film priced at $11 adults, $7 kids, click back to coming soon.

In the enchanting premiere of 'Ameka and Her Magical Crown,' spirited young Ameka discovers her voluminous hair is a magical crown, setting the stage for whimsical adventures. With her friends Sophie, Marcus, and Lily, Ameka navigates a world where her hair has a mind of its own, confronting social issues and learning the true meaning of empowerment and empathy. This heartwarming episode blends magic, friendship, and social impact to create a captivating tale that resonates with audiences of all ages. Presented by Circle Cinema’s Reel Indie series.






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