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One From The Heart: Reprise


Wed 2/7: 11:00a, 3:00p, 6:20p
Thu 2/8: 11:30a, 5:50p, 8:10p
Fri 2/9: 2:20p, 8:00p
Sat 2/10: 11:10a, 5:00p
Sun 2/11: 11:00a, 2:20p, 5:40p
Mon 2/12: 1:50p, 7:50p
Tue 2/13: 2:20p, 5:40p
Wed 2/14: 11:10a, 5:20p
Thu 2/15: 11:10a, 6:00p

Hank (Frederic Forrest) and Frannie (Teri Garr) argue while celebrating their fifth anniversary. Yearning for a life of excitement and romance, Frannie fears that she is wasting her life on a man who shows no interest in her dreams of traveling to far-off places. The argument escalates and they break up. Heading in separate ways and taking to the streets, they both meet and spend the night with strangers. Hank with the seductive Leila (Nastassja Kinski), a runaway circus performer, and Frannie with Ray (Raul Julia), a handsome waiter who moonlights as a cocktail pianist and singer.

The restoration, supervised by Francis Ford Coppola, was made in 4K by American Zoetrope and Roundabout Entertainment in the US. The 4K scans were lifted from the original camera negative, and great efforts have been made to add thirteen minutes of original camera negative, restoring opticals and dupe negative. The restoration was approved by Francis Ford Coppola himself, as six minutes of IP were added to replace the original negative that was thought to be destroyed in a flood in Rome where the negative was kept.







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