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Student Shorts - Circle Cinema Film Festival


Part 1 - Sat 7/15, 5:30p
Part 2 - Sun 7/16, 11:00a

We had such a great response to our open submission short film programs we split them in two parts this year! These program will feature new short films made by talented student filmmakers from across the state, with many in attendance to talk after the screening.

Part 1 - Sat 7/15, 5:30p
"Game Night" dir. Cadence Barrenda - 3min, short
"The Cleanup Routine" dir. Kaden Wittig - 5min, drama
"Caged" dir. Charlie Ingram - 8min, drama
"Something Wild" dir. Charlie Edwards - 8min, drama
"West Main Street" dir. Robbie Amanda Phillips - 9min, doc
"The Messenger" dir. JJ Willis - 9min, short
"Ingenue" dir. JJ Willis - 12min, drama
"La Telaraña" dir. Dan Husted - 14min, drama
"Michael and the Fuzz" dir. JJ Willis - 16min, short

Part 2 - Sun 7/16, 11:00a
"Sans Toi" dir. Charlie Edwards - 2min, Experimental drama
"Sonder" dir. Kylie Taylor - 2min, short
"Graphic Prospects" dir. Robbie Amanda Phillips - 2min, doc
"Deathly Alone" dir. Sadie E. Skeeter - 4min, drama
"Never Alone Again" dir. Andre Paras - 5min, experimental
"You Never Learn" dir. Ainslee Lloyd - 7min, short
"Crime Relaxes Me" dir. William Childress - 7min, short
"A Swing and a Miss" dir. Andre Paras - 7min, comedy
"Oklahoma Octopus: The Freshwater Kraken" dir. Carson Sanders - 8min, doc
"Frequency Los Angeles" dir. Cooper Merrill Johnson - 8min, short
"Sunflower" dir. Charlie Edwards - 13min, doc
"The Future of Oklahoma" dir. Jace Scott Bain - 14min, short





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