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For 17 years, the Circle has brought the best in independent, foreign, and art films to Tulsa. We also have served as a champion for Oklahoma filmmakers, including students. To continue to offer the best in independent and educational films, the Circle needs the support of its members and patrons, as well as the broader community.


This year, we are asking for your support to help preserve and expand our mission of “raising community consciousness through film” by giving to our new Circle Resiliency Fund, which will provide stability and growth for Tulsa’s only nonprofit, educational cinema.

The Circle Cinema Foundation operates the historic Circle Cinema theater as a nonprofit under the mission to raise community consciousness through film and celebrate filmmakers from around the corner and around the world. In step with their volunteer board, Circle Cinema strives to educate, enlighten, and entertain with film and related programs and visual art installations that expose the greater our community to global issues, environments, and cultures. 

Moviegoers can discover a variety of film genres at Circle Cinema, including: 
  • Independent, foreign, and documentary films

  • Classic films and crossover favorites

  • Live theater and performance broadcasts

  • Silent films with live musical accompaniment from Circle Cinema's restored 1928 Robert Morton theatre pipe organ

  • Works produced in Oklahoma and/or by Oklahoma filmmakers

  • Mid-production screenings from emerging filmmakers

As a 501c3, every dollar earned - from ticket sales and concessions to membership and private donation or sponsorship - supports the Circle Cinema Foundation mission. 

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Thank You to Our Circle Cinema Partners 

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