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The Man In Bronze


Sun 12/17: 5:00p

Hosted by The Church Studio - tickets and more info at

The Church Studio invites you to the premiere of "The Man In Bronze," a captivating 17-minute mini-documentary unveiling the creation of the iconic Leon Russell statue at The Church Studio entrance. After the film, meet the sculptor, Jim Franklin, for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and Q&A. Tickets $20.

Event highlights
"The Man In Bronze" screening: Learn about the intricate Lost Wax Bronze process and the challenges faced by Jim Franklin. Witness the emotional installation of the bronze statue at The Church Studio.

Live Q&A Session: Engage with the creative minds behind the film in a live Q&A session. Join sculptor Jim Franklin, executive producer Teresa Knox, and director Matthew Simonson as they delve deeper into the creative process and collaborative artistry that brought the iconic statue to life.

Meet-And-Greet with Jim Franklin: Connect with the sculptor in person in the lobby. Purchase exclusive "Church Merch" and seize the opportunity to get an autographed resin miniature of the statue, taking home a piece of history crafted by the artist himself!

Don't miss this unique event celebrating the artistry, passion, and history behind the creation of the Leon Russell statue. See you soon!





17min film, Q&A up to 45min

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