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Hailey's Game

When Carter McDowell lost her best friend in a car accident their senior year of high school, she never expected that five years later she'd still be haunted by visions of Hailey. Desperate to get closure, Carter recruits a zany bookstore clerk named Billy, and Hailey's old boyfriend, Tanner to conduct a seance that will allow her to say goodbye. But when unexpected complications arise, Carter and Tanner will have to face the demons they've been running from since high school.

Production Stills

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I've always known it was my end goal to tell stories, hell I started doing it when I was five years old (my mom still has a copy of my first book, Little Bear Lost in the Woods - a riveting mystery, obviously). In 2020, the pandemic changed me. I had been struggling with my health and my happiness, so I decided to pursue my passions.

Filmmaking not only saved my life, but it delivered so many people that I consider family now. Hailey's Game was born from the hands and hearts of those people, and I sincerely hope that it touches your heart like it touched ours.

As a creative, it is my goal to make sure that the content I produce represents the world that we all live in, diverse, beautiful and often complicated.

Katie Hightower

Director's Biography

Katie Hightower was born in the seasoned year of 1986 to two former movie theater employees who met at a midnight sneak peak of Alien. At an early age, championed by parents who loved film, Katie began to explore story telling with extraordinary games of imagination, which naturally evolved into filmmaking as she became older. She lives in Oklahoma City, with her wife and their four dogs, plus one cat to rule them all.

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