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Bring Them Home

Directed by

Fri 7/12: 7"30p





1h 25min

Screen 1 initial tickets currently sold out - screen 2 with simulcast will be on sale before the end of the week!

Documentary - 1h25min - screen 1 - $13 members, $15 non-members - A portion of proceeds from each ticket will be donated to the Inter-Tribal Buffalo Council

Includes post-film Q&A with Lily Gladstone (Executive Producer & Narrator) and Christina Justice (Secretary of Natural Resources at Cherokee Nation). Moderated by Julianna Brannum (documentary filmmaker based in Oklahoma), Film introduction by Alicia Nevaquaya, Circle Cinema Board President.

"Bring Them Home" tells the story of a small group of Blackfoot people and their mission to establish the first wild buffalo herd on their ancestral territory since the species’ near-extinction a century ago, an act that would restore the land, re-enliven traditional culture and bring much needed healing to their community.

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