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Häxan 100th Anniversary with Live Score


Wed 12/21: 7:00p

Join us on the winter solstice for a special 100th anniversary screening of this silent fantasy horror film with a live score by Tulsa composer Dustin Edward Howard and special introduction by Tulsa writer and cartoonish Peter Bedgood. Dustin’s haunting soundscapes pair perfectly with the dreamlike and nightmarish visions of this Swedish classic that was one of the first films to explore the roots of paganism and witchcraft. With support from Play Tulsa Music.

Originally released in 1922 by Swedish director Benjamin Christensen, "Häxan" is a hybrid of documentary and fiction. Thesilent film explores the history of witchcraft, demonology and satanism. It shows representations of evil in a variety of ancient and medieval artworks, offers vignettes illustrating a number of superstitious practices and presents a narrative about the persecution of a woman accused of witchcraft. The film was quite controversial when originally released, but a theme throughout that still rings true today is that modern views offers important insight into the beliefs and practices of the past.

Dustin Edward Howard is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and music composer based in Tulsa. Dustin combines his skills as a versatile multi instrumentalist with his passion for sound engineering, sound design and production. He is influenced by everything from video game scores and 70's horror synth soundtracks to prog rock, bossa nova, and ambient noise. He is equally as comfortable creating analog scores as he is composing digital scores. He enjoys the space between sound, as much as the composition.




Not Rated


77 min

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