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Nothing's For Free


Fri 8/18: 3:30p, 7:40p
Sat 8/19: 1:30p, 5:40p
Sun 8/20: 3:30p, 7:40p
Mon 8/21: 4:40p
Tue 8/22: 11:30a, 3:30p
Wed 8/23: 1:30p, 5:40p
Thu 8/24: 2:40p

Presented with our community partners at River Park's Turkey Mountain. Turkey Mountain is a 600 acre “urban wilderness” with 25+ miles of trails for hiking, running, and mountain biking. Learn more at

Every sport has its Dog Town and Z Boys or Riding Giants. Nothing’s For Free is the real story of the birth and legacy of freeride mountain biking. Chronicling the blue-collar story and rise of a cult sport to a global phenomenon that put the race-driven sport of mountain biking on the map in the world of action sports and the mainstream. Outside Studios, in association with Freeride Entertainment, breaks boundaries in documentary filmmaking, taking a step beyond the talking head interview and deep into the mindset of its cast. Nothing’s for Free, features the biggest names in mountain biking from the early pioneers of adventure to modern-day internet superstars like Danny Macaskill and Brandon Semenuk.




Not Rated


100 min

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