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Rebuilding Black Wall Street: My Life


Fri 2/17: 5:00p
Sat 2/18: 3:30p
Sun 2/19: 5:30p
Mon 2/20: 7:30p
Tue 2/21 & Wed 2/22: 3:30p
Thu 2/23: 7:30p

Returns for daily screenings Fri 2/17 as part of Circle's REEL Indie program and in support of Black History Month. All screenings include a video intro by director TheRese Anderson-Aduni.

"Rebuilding Black Wall Street: My Life" is a powerful documentary from the H.M. Anderson Trust Archives, Smithsonian, and Getty Images Inc. about the resiliency of Greenwood. The film is made from a collection of home movies discovered by the late Rev. Dr. Harold M. Anderson family. It depicts families who stayed and rebuilt after the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, working to bring back the community and thriving businesses. The home movies in the film will be digitized for preservation at the Smithsonian Museum of American History Archives, and audience members are invited to identify any relatives they recognize on screen for crediting in the archives. "Come, immortalize your family's name along with the film at the Smithsonian."

REEL Indie presents new independent films without major distribution deals to audiences at Circle Cinema. From local artists telling uniquely Oklahoma stories to up-and-coming directors honing their craft, great movies that might otherwise go unseen now have their moment on the big screen.





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