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REEL Funny: Comedy in Films podcast & panel

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Fri 7/15: 4:15p





Sponsored by Twisted Arts - Tulsa comedian Brett A. Jeffries leads a panel discussion and live recording of the “How Do You Do?” podcast. She will talk cinematic comedy with other Tulsa comics and writers Christine Akuma, Landry Miller, and Quinn Blakely. About the panelists:

Brett A. Jeffries: As a young boy, Brett was introduced to comedy, by way of Sid Ceasar, Mel Brooks, and the Zucker Brothers. Now a grown woman, her tastes haven't changed much. She still loves the greats, and her comedy shows a great deal of their inspiration. She hosts the weekly Starlite Open Mic, as well as performing all over Oklahoma.

Christine Akuma: A local Tulsa comic, you may have seen her in shows throughout Oklahoma or featured in classics like "why don't people drink apple juice more?" A short sponsored by BIG APPLE. Not to be confused with NYC.

Landry Miller: Landry is a writer, comedian, and entertainer, whose resume includes writing credits on shows for Netflix, NBC, Comedy Central, and more. He serves as a primary writer and creative consult for Electric Candy films, co-writing and producing award-winning indie movies like “Bluff (2018)” and “Hitters (2017)”. He can be seen in the comedy series “Terrible People (2022)” and the hilariously funny, side-splitting, spine-tingling, Christian movie: “W.W.J.R. When Will Jesus Return; a Comedy of Biblical Proportions (2022).”

Quinn Blakely: Quinn is a Comedian, Actor, and award-winning Playwright. His play "Jack Dicky and the Swarthy Gentleman" was produced at Rogers State University and at the Equality Center in Tulsa by Heller Theater Company. Quinn was one of the main performers on Talk Show Incorporated, a local comedy talk show that performed at the Nightingale Theater for 2 years before being shut down during the pandemic. Quinn is also a writer and performer on the show Terrible People, which will be premiering on Amazon Prime in 2023.

REEL Funny: Comedy in Films podcast & panel
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