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The American Buffalo - FREE preview with Q&A

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Tue 11/14: 7:00p




Not Rated



Presented as part of Circle's Native Spotlight Series sponsored by the Flint Family Foundation.

FREE admission! Join us for a very special big-screen presentation of the first hour of the acclaimed new documentary "The American Buffalo" followed by the 18min companion short film "Homecoming." Special guest Julianna Brannum (consulting producer on "American Buffalo," "Homecoming" director, and a member of the Quahada band of the Comanche Nation of Oklahoma) in attendance for a Q&A after the show. Q&A moderated by Harvey Payne (Community Relations Coordinator, Joesph H. Williams Tallgrass Prairie Preserve and acclaimed wildlife and nature photographer). One night only, Tue 11/14 7:00p.

This program is the first hour of the total four hour doc from PBS and Ken Burns. After you see the first hour on the big screen, visit OETA.TV to see more.

About the series: The dramatic story of how America’s national mammal, once numbering in the tens of millions and sustaining the Native people of the Great Plains for untold generations, was driven to the brink of extinction. But then an unlikely collection of people rescues it from disappearing forever. Ken Burns recounts the tragic collision of two opposing views of the natural world––and the unforgettable characters who pointed the nation in a different direction.

About "Homecoming": "Homecoming" follows Jason Baldes, an Eastern Shoshone and a member of the InterTribal Buffalo Council, as he leads historic transfers of bison to Indigenous communities which will maintain their herds to supply a healthy food source and cultural touchstone for their tribal citizens. The film explores what living among the bison once again means for Native people––today and for future generations.

The American Buffalo - FREE preview with Q&A
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