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Barbie Brunch at Circle Cinema

"Barbie" has quickly become one of Circle's most popular movies ever screened, and we couldn't have kicked it off any better than two sold-out Barbie Brunch events on Saturday July 22, 2023. Thanks to our staff and volunteers for the hard work to make it happen, and to Beth Turner of StoryTeller Productions for all the great photos!

We set the stage with everything pink in the lobby before crowds arrived to enjoy a brunch in the morning or afternoon before seeing the amazing new film. Gorgeous centerpieces from Amber Marie & Co. adorned the tables, we rolled out the pink carpet, pink lighting, Barbie signs, and more fun for photo ops. DJ Queen Jesseen was spinning tunes while everyone grabbed brunch bites to kick off the day.

Also on display was some very cool Barbie art from Tracy Jennings, an incredible Barbie-sized recreation of Circle's concession stand by our own Sarah McClure, a vintage Barbie collection from Lance Pillstrom, and a pink hot rod out front from Jamie Perlingiere!

And of course, there was...THE BOX. Circle's own Greg Younger built and painted the life-size Barbie toy box in the lobby that people are still lining up to take pics with! It was just a delight to see everyone pose as their own Barbie (or Ken! Ken was there too!), and all the jaw-dropping costumes people wore to the event.

After all the photos, guests moved into the theater to watch some retro Barbie commercials on the big screen while enjoying the brunch bites. Lance Pillstrom hosted some Barbie trivia with prize giveaways, and then it was time to start the show! Thank you to everyone that made the Barbie Brunch an event we'll never forget, and thank you to everyone that's continued to see Barbie at Tulsa's iconic theater!


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