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Sponsored by Arvest Bank

Presented by Hot Springs Documentary Festival and Circle Cinema

Click here for Double Feature tickets, see both films for one great price!
Double Feature tickets are $25 members, $30 non-members and include admission to both films, the reception in-between, and the live séance to end the night. Individual film tickets are available for $15 members, $17 non-members.
The critically acclaimed Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival and the historic Circle Cinema in Tulsa, Oklahoma have announced a special one-night film festival event to be held on Saturday, May 18. The event, which is sponsored by Arvest Bank in Tulsa, is the first of what will be an annual collaboration between the two organizations.
Sat 5/18: 4:00p: "Sugarcane"

Click here for tickets, "Sugarcane" only - Click here for Double Feature tickets

1h 47min | English & Secwepemctsín

Includes a special video introduction from directors Julian Brave NoiseCat and Emily Kassie

A stunning tribute to the resilience of Native people and their way of life - SUGARCANE, the debut feature documentary from Julian Brave NoiseCat and Emily Kassie - is an epic cinematic portrait of a community during a moment of international reckoning. Set amidst a ground-breaking investigation into abuse and death at an Indian residential school, the film empowers participants to break cycles of intergenerational trauma by bearing witness to painful, long-ignored truths – and the love that endures within their families despite the revelation of genocide.  


In 2021, evidence of unmarked graves near an Indian residential school run by the Catholic Church in Canada sparked a national outcry about the forced separation, assimilation, and abuse many children experienced at this network of segregated boarding schools designed to slowly destroy the culture and social fabric of Indigenous communities. When Kassie- a journalist and filmmaker- asked her old friend and colleague, NoiseCat, to direct a film documenting the Williams Lake First Nation investigation of St Joseph’s Mission, she never imagined just how close this story was to his own family. As the investigation continued, Emily and Julian traveled back to the rivers, forests and mountains of his homelands to hear the myriad stories of survivors. During production, Julian’s own story became an integral part of this beautiful multi-stranded portrait of a community. By offering space, time, and profound empathy the directors unearthed what was hidden. Kassie and NoiseCat encountered both the extraordinary pain these individuals had to suppress as a tool for survival and the unique beauty of a group of people finding the strength to persevere. 

Sat 5/18: 7:00p: "Look Into My Eyes"

Click here for tickets, "Look Into My Eyes" only - Click here for Double Feature tickets

1h 47min | English & Secwepemctsín

Includes a post-film Q&A with Nikenya Hall, a psychic featured in the film. After the Q&A, Nikenya will conduct an in-theater group séance

A group of New York City psychics conduct deeply intimate readings for their clients, revealing a kaleidoscope of loneliness, connection, and healing.

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Click here to learn more about the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival

Each year, with the help of a small staff and over 100 dedicated volunteers, Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival attracts thousands of visitors to the 9-day multicultural and intergenerational event. Now approaching its 33rd year as the oldest all-documentary festival in North America and one of the longest running non-fiction festivals in the world, the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival remains a prominent champion of the documentary film genre.

Planning is well underway for the 33rd Annual Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, an Oscar qualifying festival for “Documentary Short Subject” by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. HSDFF is scheduled to take place Oct 18-26th, 2024. Announcements regarding the film lineup, events, honorees, and guests will follow throughout the year.

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