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91 Percent Free Community Screening


Thu 6/20: 6:00p reception, 7:00p film
FREE and open to the public, first come first served

Join us for FREE community screening of the documentary "91%: A Film About Guns in America" on Thursday June 20. The film will screen as part of an opening reception for the Soul Box Project art gallery exhibit on display at Circle this month. The reception begins at 6pm, with film screening at 7pm. All admission is free and open to the public. The exhibit is presented by the family of Dr. Stephanie Husen in partnership with the Soul Box Project, the Wear Orange Organization, and gun violence survivor groups. "91%" is presented free courtesy John Richie Films.

About the Film: The debate over guns in America is one of the prevailing public health issues of our times. 91% speaks to the majority of Americans who support comprehensive background checks by moving beyond divisive political rhetoric. The film shares personal accounts of lives impacted by this broken system and explores the disconnect between voter mandates and congressional inaction.

The Soul Box Project is a National community art project raising awareness of the U.S. gunfire epidemic by counting and honoring victims. In the tradition of other national art projects, like the AIDS Memorial Quilt, The Soul Box Project collects hand-folded origami Soul Boxes to represent people killed or injured by gunfire in the U.S. Over 700 boxes have been collected across Oklahoma, in honor of the number of people killed or injured by guns every three days in the United States.

The “ARTIVISM ” Exhibition: Art Revealing the Gunfire Epidemic will be at the Circle Cinema June 10th through June 29th with a reception on June 20th from 6-8 PM featuring a speech by a member of the Husen family with a free screening of ""91% : A Film of Gun Violence in America."

The Soul Box Project was started by Portland artist, Leslie Lee in October 2017 after the mass shooting in Las Vegas. Following the shooting at St. Francis in June 2022, Oklahoma’s Soul Box chapter was established by the Husen family in 2024 to honor victims and survivors and bring awareness of the impact of gun violence to Oklahoma.





1h 14min

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