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About Dry Grasses


Wed 3/27: 3:20p, 7:10p
Thu 3/28: 12:30p, 7:00p
All showtimes in screening room:
Fri 3/29: 4:00p
Sat 3/30: 7:00p
Sun 3/31: 1:00p
Mon 4/1: 4:00p
Tue 4/2: 7:00p
Wed 4/3: 1:00p
Thu 4/4: 4:00p

Samet is a teacher who used to live in Istanbul but has been assigned to a post at a remote village in Eastern Anatolia for years. He comes back from holidays for the winter term. He and his co-worker and roommate Kenan are soon accused of inappropriate behavior by two female pupils. To Samet's dismay, one of them is Sevim, who has been so far a protégée of his. In parallel, both Samet and Kenan meet together, and then separately, Nuray, a teacher in a neighboring village. The latter has been the victim of a terrorist explosion some time before and misses a leg. Together they discuss the possibilities and limits of living in the region. While Kenan and Nuray seem to fall in love, Samet's attitude changes and he too begins to take interest in Nuray despite his first impression.





3h 17m

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