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Greenwood Ave Project

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Thu 6/22: 1:20p
Fri 6/23: 11:50a
Mon 6/26: 12:30p
Tue 6/27: 11:20a
Wed 6/28: 7:50p
Thu 6/29: 11:20a




Not Rated


105 min

Presented as part of Circle’s REEL Indie series, providing big-screen access to local filmmakers.

How does a community bounce back from such devastation? Greenwood Ave is still answering this
question as it works to rebuild from the tragic 1921 massacre more than a century later. The “Greenwood Ave Project" documentary sheds light on the Tulsa community after the 1921 massacre that destroyed a prosperous, self sufficient Black community/ Filmmaker Terry Baccus and Executive Producer Karen Reese movingly highlight the long term effects of the massacre in such a way that viewers walk away with visceral, yet vulnerable, emotional reactions. Executive Producer Karen Reese has voiced, “Our project is valuable because it tells the stories of people from the Greenwood community after the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. We will achieve telling the story of the history of Greenwood Ave to thousands of
people that never knew about the massacre at all, while also educating audiences on the aftermath of what has happened since the efforts to rebuild Greenwood in 1925."

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