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Mad Props

Directed by

Fri 3/1: 7:30p with Q&A
Sat 3/2: 11:00a, 5:30p
Sun 3/3: 11:00a, 7:30p
Mon 3/4: 11:00a, 5:30p
Tue 3/5: 11:00a, 7:30p
Wed 3/6: 11:00a, 5:30p
Thu 3/7: 11:00a, 7:30p




Not Rated



Tickets on sale now for an opening night Q&A! Fri 3/1, 7:30p Tom Biolchini (Executive Producer / Host) and Juan Pablo Reinoso (Writer / Producer / Director) will be in attendance to answer questions after the screening. Plus, classic props from Tom’s own collection will be on display. The film will continue to screen daily through Thu 3/7 with additional showtimes coming soon.

Tom Biolchini, an avid movie prop collector, knew why he loved collecting props from his favorite films. But, like any collector, everyone is different. Curious to meet and see other collectors and their collections, Tom decided to journey across the globe and find out what it was about movies that led others to seek out and own some of the greatest pieces of movie history.

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