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Model House


Wed 4/10: 11:30a, 4:00p, 6:00p
Thu 4/11: 2:00p, 4:00p
Fri 4/12: 12:00p, 5:20p, 9:50p
Sat 4/13: 1:20p, 7:40p, 9:40p
Sun 4/14: 12:20p, 6:00p
Mon 4/15 & Tue 4/16: 1:00p, 6:00p
Wed 4/17: 1:00p, 3:20p, 7:20p
Thu 4/18: 1:00p, 6:00p

Made in Oklahoma! This audience favorite from the 2023 Circle Cinema Film Festival returns for a full week run on the big screen.

Model House follows five swimsuit models shooting a lucrative swimwear campaign at a waterfall one hundred miles north of Los Angeles. The client has put them up in a secluded house for the weekend, which is referred to in the fashion industry as a “model house." Over the course of the first night, the models document nearly every move, including their vulnerable location to their millions of social media followers. Before they know it, two intruders break into the house. Held at gunpoint, the girls are forced to post a fake donation link to their social media pages until $1 million is stolen from their followers. Soon realizing that their lives are at risk, the models take matters into their own hands and fight back.





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