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“OAKLAWN” is a film created and produced by the Center for Public Secrets, a Tulsa-based
institution that explores the city’s hidden secrets through events, collaborations, and investigations in partnership with Well-Told, a creative agency based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The film highlights the bureaucratic hurdles through the knowledge and experiences of descendants and members of the Public Oversight Committee. The Public Oversight Committee was created as part of the City of Tulsa’s 1921 Graves Investigation to ensure transparency and accountability, according to city officials. The committee was made up largely of descendants of the massacre and leaders within Tulsa’s Black community. The Committee was repeatedly left in the dark about developments and left out of major decisions. This film reveals their experience and is told by the members themselves.

"They said we were the oversight Committee, but we really are the out-of-sight committee,” said State Rep. Regina Goodwin. Goodwin’s frustrations were felt by many in the Committee, who believed there was inconsistent communication and conflict with many of their wishes by officials. More broadly, the film delves into the injustices that Black Americans face each day through inequities in all facets of life, including government and policing.




Not Rated


120 min