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Razing Liberty Square


Mon 1/29: 7:00p FREE

FREE screening featuring a post-film zoom Q&A with Katja Esson (filmmaker) and Julie Skye (Managing Member, CCO Sustainable Advisors Alliance, LLC). Hosted at Circle Cinema by Tulsa filmmaker Sydney Alison. Indie Lens Pop-Up is a community series that brings people together for in-person and virtual film screenings and community-driven conversations.

Liberty City, Miami, was home to one of the oldest segregated public housing projects in the U.S. Now with rising sea levels, the neighborhood’s higher ground has become something else: real estate gold. Wealthy property owners push inland to higher ground, creating a speculators’ market in the historically Black neighborhood previously ignored by developers and policy-makers alike.

Katja Esson is an Academy Award® nominated filmmaker based in Miami and Havana who mixes documentary and narrative genres. Esson began her career in Miami as a production assistant for the notorious rap group 2 Live Crew. Since her days of wrangling booty-shaking babes, Esson has directed a variety of award-winning documentaries and short films. Born and raised in Germany, Esson brings a quirky European sensibility to the distinctively American subjects she chooses.




Not Rated



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