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Slumber Party

Directed by

Sat 6/24: 9:00p til dawn





Tickets on sale now - $25 Members, $30 non-Members.

Graveyard Shift presents another all-night movie marathon filled with comedy, adventure, scares, and fun with Slumber Party: Smalls 2 the Wall! This year we are honored to welcome legendary director Joe Dante (“Gremlins,” “Gremlins 2,” “Innerspace,” “The Howling,” “Piranha,” “The ‘Burbs”) for an in-person appearance. Members have an exclusive opportunity to meet Joe Dante - click back to coming soon for more!

Commemorative posters and shirts designed by Randy Riggs will be on sale at the event.

Slumber Party Smalls 2 the Wall lineup:
“Gremlins 2: The New Batch” (PG-13, 1990, 106 min): On 35mm film with intro by Joe Dante! This wild sequel delivers an endless supply of gags and satire when the gremlins are unleashed in New York City.

“Innerspace” (PG, 1987, 120 min): A secret experiment goes wrong when a test pilot (Dennis Quaid) is miniaturized and injected into the body of a hypochondriac grocery clerk (Martin Short).

“Child’s Play” (R, 1988, 87 min): A single mother gives her son a much sought-after doll for his birthday, only to discover that it is possessed by the soul of a serial killer.

“The Pit” (R, 1981, 96 min): A disturbed boy with a demonic teddy bear discovers man-eating creatures in the woods.

“Dolls” (R, 1986, 77 min): On 35mm film! An unsuspecting family meets an elderly couple with a vast collection of murderous dolls. Directed by Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator).

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