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Slumber Party 13 Neon Slime

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Sat 7/6: 9:00p





Graveyard Shift's annual all-night movie marathon hits the gritty streets of Hollywood on July 6 with Slumber Party 13: Neon Slime! Tickets on sale now, $30 members & $35 non-members, includes admission to all five films starting at 9pm and ending at dawn.

A24’s scary thriller MaXXXine kicks the night off and provides inspiration for this year’s lineup that explores the dark side of Los Angeles in the ‘80s. Two films will screen on 35mm, plus there will be giveaways, limited edition Slumber Party shirts and posters on sale, and a pop-up shop from Vinegar Syndrome (a film restoration and distribution company specializing in horror, exploitation, grindhouse and genre films). Preview the lineup and get your tickets now!

MaXXXine: Following "X" and "Pearl" released in 2022, "MaXXXine" is the final part in Ti West's throwback horror trilogy starring Mia Goth. In 1980s Hollywood, adult film star and aspiring actress Maxine Minx finally gets her big break. But as a mysterious killer stalks the starlets of Hollywood, a trail of blood threatens to reveal her sinister past.

Angel (1983): Vinegar Syndrome pop-up shop will be set up in the lobby proceeding the screening of "Angel" and open until the sun comes up (or the last slumber party survivors go home, whichever comes first) with a selection of blurays, 4k, box sets, merch and more available! Stick around after "Angel" for a few words from Vinegar Syndrome's Theresa Mercado about the film and restoration process. Mixing brutal, slasher styled killing scenes with the sweetness of an afterschool special, Robert Vincent O’Neil’s ("Blood Mania," "Wonder Women") "Angel" is one of the seminal exploitation films of the early 80s. Co-starring Dick Shawn ("The Producers"), Rory Calhoun ("Motel Hell"), Susan Tyrrell ("Cry Baby"), Cliff Gorman ("All That Jazz"), and featuring beautiful cinematography by Andrew Davis ("The Fugitive") along with a memorable score by Craig Safan ("Cheers"), Vinegar Syndrome proudly restored "Angel" in 4K from the 35mm interpositive.

10 to Midnight (1983): On 35mm film! An LAPD detective and his rookie partner are on the trail of a psychopathic young man who is murdering young women.

Vice Squad (1982): On 35mm film! A single mother prostitute, who goes by the name Princess, finds herself forced to work undercover for the police in order to apprehend a homicidal, misogynistic pimp named Ramrod, who will do anything not to get arrested.

Savage Streets (1984): Linda Blair plays a teenage vigilante seeking revenge on a group of violent thugs who raped her handicapped sister and killed her best friend.

About Vinegar Syndrome: Vinegar Syndrome is a film restoration and distribution company specializing in horror, exploitation, grindhouse and genre films with a catalogue of hundreds of feature films, produced primarily between the 1960s and 1980s. Learn more at

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