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Slumber Party Returns


Sat 7/30: 9:30p til dawn

Tickets on sale now - $30 each and proof of vaccination required for this all-night event. Prizes and giveaways all night long!

It’s been three long years since our last installment, but now Slumber Party climbs out of the grave to bring you another all-night movie marathon! Five undead movies haunt the silver screen back-to-back in this incredible event. Will you survive until dawn?

Movie #1: DEMONS, 1985, 88 min., unrated. *RARE 35MM SCREENING* A mysterious mask turns people into demons at a horror movie screening in this practical effects splatter fest. There is no better way to watch a horror film that takes place in a movie theatre than with an audience in a crowded auditorium!

Movie #2: DRAG ME TO HELL, 2009, 99 min. rated PG-13. Loan officer Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) must escape a supernatural curse in this gross-out rollercoaster ride directed by Slumber Party staple Sam Raimi (The Evil Dead trilogy).

Movie #3: TALES FROM THE CRYPT: DEMON KNIGHT, 1995, 92 min., rated R. The Cryptkeeper guides us through this gory showdown between malevolent demons and an eternal guardian. Billy Zane dazzles in a joyous performance that must be seen.

Movie # 4: NINJA III: THE DOMINATION, 1984, 92 min., rated R. Flashdance meets The Exorcist when an evil warrior possesses the body of an aerobics instructor. Go, ninja, go!

Movie #5 FRANKENHOOKER, 1990, 85 min., unrated. When his fiancée is killed by one of his inventions, a would-be scientist heads to NYC’s 42nd Street to find spare human parts to put her back together again. Directed by bad taste auteur Frank Henenelotter (Basket Case).





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