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Soulbody Cyphers presents The Cinematic Showdown


Thu 2/22: 6:30 pre-show in lobby, main event at 7:30

The Cinematic Showdown at Circle Cinema is a vibrant event that brings together the top, most viewed and streamed artists in Oklahoma, fostering musical competition and inspiring them to excel. Tickets $15 each for an amazing evening of live HipHop. The main show starts at 7:30p, and come early for drink specials, exclusive merch on sale, and more in the lobby starting at 6:30p. Check out the video at the bottom of the page and preview more on Soulbody Meta's youtube channel, and get your ticket for The Cinematic Showdown now!

The initiative aims to unite the community through the power of creative expression, emphasizing collaboration and shared experiences. Soulbody Cyphers, the presenting platform, focuses on performance art as a means of therapeutic expression, community building, youth education, and raising awareness about mental health. This unique blend of musical rivalry and meaningful expression contributes to a dynamic and enriching cultural experience.





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