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To Kill a Mockingbird - One Night Only

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Mon 3/25: SOLD OUT





2h 9min

**SOLD OUT - Thank you to everyone joining us for the show tonight!

Join us for a special ONE NIGHT ONLY screening of "To Kill a Mockingbird," presented in partnership with Celebrity Attractions, as we celebrate the opening of the play at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center from March 26th to 31st. Tickets are sold out.

We are honored to have special guest Mary Badham in attendance for an introduction and post-film Q&A. Mary played Scout in the original film and now portrays the neighbor Mrs. Dubose in the stage production.

See the original film with us, and one lucky person in the audience will win two tickets to see the stage production courtesy of Celebrity Attractions!


7:00pm - Film Starts:
Before the film, we will distribute raffle tickets to ticketholders, offering them the chance to win tickets to the Celebrity Attractions stage production of 'To Kill a Mockingbird.' One winner will be selected before the film begins. Mary Badham will introduce the film after the winner is chosen.

9:15pm - Q&A Session Begins:
Moderated by Jeff Huston, President of the Oklahoma Film Critics Circle, featuring Mary Badham.


Based on the classic novel by Harper Lee, "To Kill a Mockingbird" was originally released in theaters in 1962, and won three Oscars including Best Picture and Best Actor (Gregory Peck as Atticus). Mary was nominated for Best Supporting Actress as Scout, becoming the youngest nominee in the category at the time.

Scout Finch (Mary Badham), 6,and her older brother, Jem (Phillip Alford), live in sleepy Maycomb, Ala., spending much of their time with their friend Dill (John Megna) and spying on their reclusive and mysterious neighbor, Boo Radley (Robert Duvall). When Atticus (Gregory Peck), their widowed father and a respected lawyer, defends a black man named Tom Robinson (Brock Peters) against fabricated rape charges, the trial and tangent events expose the children to evils of racism and stereotyping.


The 2018 award-winning Broadway production was adapted for the stage by Aaron Sorkin, from Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. This tour stars Richard Thomas as Atticus Finch. Learn more about the production and other shows coming to Tulsa soon at

To Kill a Mockingbird - One Night Only
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