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Magic City Books presents Tyler Parker & Chris Ryan of The Ringer


Mon 9/25: 7:30p

FREE event: Magic City Books is proud to welcome Oklahoma native and staff writer for The Ringer, Tyler Parker for an event celebrating his debut novel, A Little Blood and Dancing on Monday September 25 at 7:30 pm at Circle Cinema. Joining Tyler will be Chris Ryan, Editorial Director of The Ringer and co-host of multiple podcasts including "The Watch" and "The Rewatchables." Includes a surprise film screening after the discussion at 8:00p! All admission is free, first-come first-served.

A Little Blood and Dancing is available now at Magic City Books and will be for sale at the event. Tyler will sign copies of his book at the conclusion of the program. You can also order copies to have signed at the event online at:

About A Little Blood and Dancing
It's a tale as old as time: doomed romance, bloody revenge, fast food, and the voice of God. Welcome to Tyler Parker's Oklahoma, and one of the most anticipated debut novels of the year from one of our best, funniest new writers.

Check out Sylvia Table: he drives a seafoam-green 1968 Ranchero, owns a badass sword, and is one dead uncle away from an inheritance that should set him and the love of his life, Lady Sixkiller, on the road to easy living and the family she's always wanted. Sure, he may not be cut out for any kind of conventional job, but as long as Lady can hold things down as a waitress until rich old Methuselah shuffles off this mortal coil, what's the big deal? Yes, things are looking good for Sylvia Table, aka Big Noise, aka Grandest Poobah, aka Big Quiche.

But uncles don't always die on schedule, maternal clocks keep ticking with increasing urgency, doing crimes beats working for a living, and the past refuses to stay buried. In this case, the past takes the form of Priscilla Blackwood, a woman locked in an eternal one-sided conversation with Jesus Christ Himself, and dead set on enacting vengeance for the murder of her father, which she witnessed as a little girl. Whether Table knows it or not, he's on a collision course with an avenging angel who believes she's got the Lord on her side.

Combining the linguistic punch of Elmore Leonard, the living landscapes of Cormac McCarthy, and the comic soul of Charles Portis, A Little Blood and Dancing announces Tyler Parker as one of our most extraordinary new voices.

Tyler Parker holds an MFA in fiction from Columbia University, where in 2016 he was the recipient of the Felipe P. De Alba Fellowship for Writers. While there, he studied under Sam Lipsyte, Paul Beatty, Richard Ford, and Rivka Galchen. He is a staff writer for The Ringer and, in a previous life, studied improv comedy at both iO and Second City in Chicago. Born and raised in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma, Parker now lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two daughters.





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