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The Warriors on 35mm film with CINEDOOM


Sun 12/17: 7:30p - rescheduled date

RESCHEDULED - now screening on Sun 12/17, 7:30p. We apologize for the projector fault at the original screening, but everything is good to go for the new date.

On 35mm film for one night only, presented by CINEDOOM, Tulsa Artist Fellowship, and Circle Cinema. Featuring a special introduction by Blackhorse Lowe (CINDEOOM curator, award-winning filmmaker, and Tulsa Artist Fellow). Co-presented by Tulsa Artist Fellowship.

THE WARRIORS (93m, 1979, USA) Director: Walter Hill. Writers: Sol Yurick, David Shaber, Walter Hill. Executive Producer: Frank Marshall. Producer: Lawrence Gordon. Associate Producer: Joel Silver. Composer: Barry De Vorzon. Cinematographer: Andrew Laszlo. Cast: Michael Beck, James Remar, Dorsey Wright.

"The Warriors" unfolds in a dystopian 1970s New York City, providing a distinctive viewpoint from the era's street gangs. Director Walter Hill adeptly transforms gang warfare into a meticulously choreographed narrative, described by the late Roger Ebert as "a ballet of stylized male violence." The story begins in the dimly lit Van Cortlandt Park, where two significant gangs, 'The Riffs' in the Bronx and 'The Warriors' from Coney Island, convene for a city-wide summit. Their utopian gangland is abruptly shattered when a gunshot takes the life of the Riffs' leader. Wrongly accused for the murder, 'The Warriors' embark on an Odyssean journey through the streets of a fictional New York City, pursued by a motley crew of eccentric and violent gangs in their quest to clear their name. "The Warriors" embodies countercultural aesthetics in its stylized, graffiti-covered cityscape and archetypal characters representing moody cinematic mannerism at its best. After an initial release marred by reports of vandalism and violence, Paramount Pictures temporarily halted its advertising campaign and gave theaters the choice to omit the film. Over time though "The Warriors" has ascended to cult classic status, lauded for its indelible moments and iconic costumes that capture the glam-rock spirit of its time.

CineDOOM is a celebration of the theatrical experience at its best, showcasing masterpieces that embody both grit and perfection. It brings together cinematic classic masterpieces from revered directors like Akira Kurosawa and David Lynch, alongside cutting-edge Indigenous films that push the boundaries of contemporary storytelling. This diverse array of cinematic experiences invites viewers to explore new horizons in storytelling. CineDOOM is curated by Tulsa Artist Fellowship awardee, Blackhorse Lowe.






93 min

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